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Official windream Preview for the IT & Business

The new version 6.5 of the windream ECM system

At this year’s IT & Business, we will present the recently released version 6.5 of our windream ECM system. This version comes with a new Sidebar, which allows the execution of standard ECM tasks directly via the desktop. Furthermore, windream 6.5 offers users an enhanced find function with additional search options and a newly designed configuration module. As every year, our exhibition program will be complemented by the presentations of our co-exhibiting windream partners.

The new Sidebar in the windream 6.5 Business Edition

The windream Business Edition 6.5 comes with the newly developed Sidebar. The Sidebar has been designed as a desktop application and serves as a central “cockpit” for managing documents, workflows and all other tasks concerning ECM-specific document and business management processes. windream users and administrators can integrate important and frequently used ECM and BPM functions into the Sidebar and directly launch these functions from the desktop of the respective windream workstation computer. Typical “Sidebar jobs“ include the display of the most recently edited documents, the display of document index properties, the entering of search terms for fulltext searches, and the access to windream BPM workflows. Furthermore, the Sidebar allows users to select documents and to deposit them in a so-called “drag zone”, for a user-friendly storage in windream and a convenient indexing via the properties dialog. Individual document collections, such as “my documents”, or business processes under “my workflow tasks” can be displayed and edited. For example, if workflow tasks are integrated in the Sidebar, the Sidebar will inform the user on auditing workflows while simultaneously displaying the status of leave applications. 

Also, users can list their current subscriptions, launch desktop applications via the sidebar and configure the forwarding of templates (e.g. Microsoft Word) and scripts. As the Sidebar can be adjusted individually, it offers enormous advantages – since the Sidebar as a digital command center allows users to process typical document management workflows and business processes in a single, clearly structured interface directly on their desktop.

Even more convenient find function

The windream find function now offers even more options and further enhanced convenience. The navigator search or “Smart Search Navigator“, already known from windream 6.0, has been further optimized and now offers additional options, such as an intelligent support function and an option for limiting the search to certain time periods.

The windream fulltext search has been enhanced in windream 6.5 and now allows users to include the contents of annotations in the fulltext search. This creates a completely new search level, since not only document contents, but also the contents of the annotations added by users can be searched. 

Redesigned configuration module

The configuration module in windream 6.5 has been redesigned visually and enhanced in its handling. The layout is now closely based on the look and feel of the current Microsoft operating system Windows 10. The configuration module now also offers a plug-in concept, allowing users to integrate the settings of self-developed windream integrations into the windream configuration module.

Technological basis: the next generation of the windream Web Service with REST architecture, WCF and JSON

The new generation of the windream Web Service now uses the top-modern REST technology (REST = Representational State Transfer). In the windream ECM system, this technology is used to allow a platform-independent access to the windream system, e.g. via mobile devices with the windream Mobile App. Also, the communication platform “Windows Communication Foundation“ (WCF) for distributed applications, for example with the network protocol “Simple Object Access Protocol“ – SOAP for short – and Net.TCP are supported.

On the basis of the REST technology, the windream Web Service in the windream version 6.5 uses the JavaScript Object Notation Format (JSON) to display resources and contents. JSON is a lightweight format for the digital transfer of data. windream 6.5 uses the professional API framework Swagger UI, which allows the user to test self-developed interfaces based on the REST architecture. 

windream partners at the windream stand

As every year, our exhibition program at the IT & Business will be complemented by the presentations of our co-exhibiting windream partners. The windream trade show stand will have the number 1 A 35.


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