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Certified Partner Solution: ”Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV“

Windream integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV by our partner BSS gains official Microsoft certification

Our windream integration partner BSS Business Solutions for Services GmbH has been granted the certification “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV“ by the Microsoft Corpora-tion for their windream interface for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

BSS define themselves as partner for medium sized companies and offer customized software so-lutions based on the well-known ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV, especially for companies from the service industry. The diverse industry solutions that BSS has implemented in numerous customer projects, among others for building service providers, personnel service providers, tempo-rary employment agencies, security companies, event service providers and craft service compa-nies are highly customized to the special requirements of the respective industry.

ERP standard extended by ECM features

Via the Microsoft-certified windream integration, the range of functions of these solutions is extend-ed by the functions for digital document management offered by the windream ECM system. The certified interface itself is named “BSS | NAVLink for windream“ and guarantees, among other things, a compliant storage and ar-chiving of all documents occurring in an ERP environment, for example incoming and outgoing documents.

Furthermore, new, comprehensive functions for document and process management will be avail-able for users. That includes, among other things, the automated transfer of documents that have been created or captured in the ERP system to the ECM system. In this context, the automated versioning of documents is performed as well. This way the associated documents are always up-to date and big amounts of documents are kept on a constant level. Further on, the dynamic views on complex customer, order and project files supports users in keeping an overview of complex doc-ument processes at any time. The dynamic view allows users to sort the complete document count of the system according to individual criteria on a completely virtual basis without changing the ac-tual folder structure of a windream drive. These are only a few of the additional features that are available for users with the certified windream integrati

Further information

For further information concerning the BSS range of services, please contact our partner directly: Please contact Thorsten Siegmund, under the phone number +49 208 299399-15 or via email: thorsten.siegmund@bss-west.de. Or visit www.bss-west.de.


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