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New Swiss Legal Opinion Confirms

windream Complies with the Requirements of the Swiss Business Records Ordinance (Geschäftsbücherverordnung)

We have had our ECM System reviewed by an independent Swiss attorney for conformity with the so called Swiss “Geschäftsbücherverordnung“ (GeBüV). The result: windream complies with these requirements without stint.

The center of examination was especially the windream Object Store (version 7) and in connection with that, of course the windream ECM System in its current version 6.5. The verification was performed by the Swiss competence center Records Management GmbH, Zollikon, under supervision of Dr. jur. Bruno Wildhaber. Dr. Wildhaber is well known in Switzerland as the leading lawyer for legal assessment of electronics in regard of data security, data integrity and, immutability of saved business-relevant information. Compliance with the Business Records Ordinance is mandatory for all companies in Switzerland as far as they create, manage and archive their business documents in digital form. 

The handover of the certificate confirming the conformity with ”GeBüV“, took place on January 26th 2017 at the premises of our Swiss distributor KINETIC ag in Lenzburg. Of course the employees of KINETIC are also very proud that windream has passed this audit so successfully, especially as our ECM System is the first one to be examined and certified with regard to GeBüV.

Contents of the Certificate

In the handed over document it is explicitly confirmed that our ECM System allows legally conformours implementation of the GeBüV rules as the product has all required properties. And that is valid for saving on changeable data carriers as well – a real unique selling point. The Competence Center Records Management even suggests a certain configuration in its official test report and its accompanied information. The configuration allows users to guarantee conformity with GeBüV on a technical level at the first windream installation from the very beginning. Later modifications or even specific adjustments of the system will not be necessary this way.

The opinion will first refer to Switzerland only and is, for the moment only valid there. It is planned however to extend the scope to Germany and Austria, especially as GeBüV regularities are said to be very restrictive and therefore will fulfill the legal requirements in the other two countries as well.


Further Information

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