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The New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Becomes Effective

Are You Ready?

As you probably already know, until the end of May 2018, the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have to be met by all companies which process personal data. That applies to nearly every company! And attention: If the re-sponsible supervisory authorities of the respective countries detect any data protection violations and these violations can be reduced to a violation of the GDPR, high fines may be the result.

The ECM system windream will play a special role within the context of the new GDPR of the EU, as the new regulations can be applied very conveniently with windream. For further information, please refer to our 6 point plan in this newsletter!

Documentation obligation ► meet it with windream

Even the fact that the GDPR requires an extensive and transparent documentation of all processes connected with personalized data requires using a specialized information management. This system has to be the center of all activities. And this is where windream can demonstrate its full potential, as especially the aspects “limited access rights via a restrictive rights concept“, “absolute transparency for document related processes“ and the adequate blocking or deleting of personalized information are directly linked with the requirements of the GDPR of the EU.

Overview of processes ► manage them with windream

The EU GDPR requires an extensive overview and description of all processes that refer to personalized data. For that purpose, windream is an ideal match, not only for managing process descriptions but also for indexing based on precisely defined data categories. If existing documents have to be changed, these adjustments can be traced back via a complete document history. windream is able to deliver complete proof of changes or extensions at any desired time practically “at the touch of a button”.


Data protection-relevant contracts ► manage them with windream

windream allows users to manage even special electronic files, such as contracts, very elegantly and conveniently. “Contract management“ are the key words here. This basically means the creation electronic contract data in such a way that the associated documents can be made available directly. If companies – may it be as contracting authority, as contractor or as subcontractor – process personalized data on behalf of others, the EU GDPR demands an extensive treaty for every kind of contract data processing. By using the windream ECM system, this demand can conveniently be achieved.

Data protection measures ► document them with windream

„SAFETY FIRST“ – that is what the GDPR demands. The main topic of the GDPR is a com-plete description of all technical organizational measures a company has to meet to guarantee an appropriate protection of personalized data. But: technical and organizational measures are permanently changing, as they need to be adjusted, extended or changed all the time.
windream offers an ideal tool for documenting exactly these changes: the versioning of documents. The versioning function allows you to receive current descriptions and to create a new version of the respective existing document before changing it. In combination with the document history, complete proof of who changed the description of the technical and organizational measures when and to what extent is possible.

Declarations of consent ► document them with windream

According to the GDPR, the processing of personalized data can also be authorized via the declaration of consent of the respective person. The GDPR requires that the consent of the affected person needs to be explicitly proven by the responsible party. windream supports the user in managing the “gathered” declarations of consent, for example with a systematic storage in a register of persons or with an electronic file within the ECM system.

Deletion requests ► execute them with windream

In general, affected persons have the right to demand that their personalized data be deleted ac-cording to article 17 of the EU GDPR, if one of the reasons mentioned in the article applies. Generally, deletion of data from the windream ECM system is easy to achieve and can also be automated. Apart from withdrawing all rights, which prevents the data from being viewed, a deletion is also possible using other technical ways, for example via adding document properties that will transfer the documents to a protected area and initiate a deletion afterwards via an automated concept based on the document life cycle.

Result: Nothing goes without ECM – and Especially not Without windream!

In order to fulfill requirements of the EU GDPR such as the documentation obligation or the bur-den of proof, an ECM system like windream is absolutely essential, as it generally allows the creation, management, and safe archiving of all documents relevant in the context of the EU GDPR – and that includes all advantages windream has to offer: from the rights concept via the document history, the versioning function, and indexing for quick retrieval of information, up to the life cycle settings for automated or manual data deletion.

Implement the EU GDPR in Time with windream

As you can see, there are many good reasons to use the windream ECM systems with all its advantages in the context of the GDPR. Take action now! We will gladly advise you on any questions you may have. Please contact us in order to receive an individual offer for implementing the EU GDPR with windream! Contact: eu-dsgvo@windream.com.


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