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Important note

windream User Comparison on Systems With windream Server Installations
Affects Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Our developing department would like to point out that, in the context of a windream user comparison, an error may occur in the above-mentioned installations. As a result, a user comparison started via the windream Management Console or via the item WMCmd.exe cannot be completed anymore. 

The problem is the result of incorrect security quality rollups and other problematic rollup patches for Windows 10 that have been published by Microsoft. This has also been confirmed by Mi-crosoft on their support pages see https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056895/windows-81-update-kb4056895.

Microsoft has solved the problem via fixes, which will be available as optional updates (and not, as you might have expected, as important updates!) via the Windows update function. If you should face a problem during the user comparison, please check whether there is a matching fix for your operation system under ”Windows Update“ – “Optional Patches“ and install it.

List of Known “Problematic Patches“ and Their Fixes

Windows 10 fall creators update 32-bit (1709)
Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056892
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4073291

Windows 10 creators update (1703)
Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056891
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4057144

Windows 10 anniversary update und Windows Server 2016 (1607)
Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056890
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4057142

Windows 10 November update (1511)
Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056888
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4075200

Windows 10 First Version (1507)
Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056893
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4075199

Windows 2012 R2

Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056895
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4057401

Windows 2012
Problem: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4056896
Fixed in: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4057402


Further Information

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