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Five-year partnership

Dutch windream distributor ecmXperts celebrates double anniversary

Our Dutch partner and distributor ecmXperts from Amsterdam recently had two reasons to celebrate all at once. Under the company motto “Where Your Documents Matter“, the company already has been existing for five years, just as long as the successful partnership with windream GmbH.

Big celebration at the Van-der-Valk-Hotel

This occasion certainly called for a celebration in an adequate atmosphere. Therefore, the anniversary celebration took place at the Van der Valk-Hotel Houten near Utrecht. On March 30, 2017, the executive board of ecmXperts welcomed more than 30 participants who, of course, insisted on congratulating our partners in person for the double anniversary. Both Edwin Sembritzki, head of partner management at windream and partner manager Hilmar Hänel were present to congratulate personally.

The meeting facilities of the Vander Valk Hotel, which is a customer of ecmXperts and therefore also of windream GmbH itself, provided an adequate and convenient atmosphere.

Impressive celebration program

In the context of the anniversary celebrations at the Van der Valk Hotel, a lot information about windream was offered as well. For example, ecmXperts and further windream partners and customers informed about new and innovative windream projects.

The visitors were provided with important and informative insights into everyday work with windream products. In this case, the focus was on reviews of current IT projects. Especially the topic of integrating windream products within other applications and existing IT infrastructure was of high importance in this context. Small wonder that ecmXperts has been able to acquire over 100 customers that are now using windream products not only in the Netherlands.

Keep it up!

Looking back it can only be said that the event was a huge success! And we are sending our best wishes to ecmXperts and CEO Michiel Corts and are looking forward to a continuously successful future with our windream distributor!


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