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Reorganization of the Network Provider Order after Windows 10 Updates

Patch solves potential problem on windream clients

In the light of recent events we would like to point out to our customers and partners that it might be possible that problems with your windream Client occur after performing a Windows 10 update:

During a Windows 10 update, the order of the network provider changes or providers are removed during the update. The change of the provider order results in the entry for the windream drive not being placed first anymore, which causes access problems on a windream client computer. Therefore, the windream drive should always be first in the order.

To secure this status and to avoid problems on the windream Client after a Windows 10 update, we provide a so called “provider patch“ which will solve the problem described.

The patch can be downloaded or started directly via the following link:

Further information concerning this patch can be found in our download portal:

windream 6.5

windream 6.0


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