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New Legal Report Confirms:

windream fulfils the legal requirements of the GoBD* for the archiving on changeable media as well

The legal compliance of our ECM software suite windream has recently been confirmed by an independent and accepted auditing authority. The current legal report certifies a “complete compliance of the legal requirements“ to the windream system as the report is quoted.

Legal Requirements Fulfilled for Changeable Media As Well

The auditor comes in the audit of the windream ECM system to the conclusion that windream fulfills the legal requirements not only if uncahngeable media are used. The compliance is also given if changebale media are used.

Unique Selling Point

This gives windream an absolute unique selling point which cannot be found a second time on the market and our customers and interested parties planning to use the windream ECM system benefit directly from it. The report certifies that the choice of storage media storage media – changeable or not changeable is not important if windream is used. Windream users therefore, get the enormous advantage to choose freely which kind of storage media shall be used for archiving of their documents.

Compliant with German, Austrian and Swiss Legislation

The new legal report refers to the audit of windream DMS version 6.5 and to version 7.1 of the windream archive. It is valid for Germany and Austria. A separate certificate has been assigend for Switzerland previously. This certificate comes to the conclusion, that the specific requirements of the Swiss legislation, the so called “Geschäftsbücherverordnung (GeBüV)“ are completely fulfilled by windream as well. As a result, windream is classified as legally compliant for Switzerland, Austria and Germany in the respective states.

*Guidelines on the compliant management and archiving of accounts, records and documents
 in electronic form and data access


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