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Trade Show Review

windream Rocked the New CEBIT

Long Waiting Lines at the windream Trade Show Stand

About two weeks ago, the first new CEBIT has closed its gates. As this was the first time that the trade show has been conceptualized as a business festival, the question to ask is, how exhibitors and visitors liked the new concept. To cut a long story short: We managed to leave our mark on the festival and were able to create a good atmosphere on the trade show area. But even more important, we have made many good and even excellent contacts.

But let’s start at the beginning: Some of you who have attended the CEBIT will have noticed that especially our merchandise has been a huge success.

Pool Ponies and Summer Hats were Absolut Hits

The blue pool noodles/ponies which we like to call “Ulknudeln“(German expression for hoaxer) and the windream blue summer hats were hugely popular. Especially our pool ponies, which resulted in that we were only able to give them away at certain times and in a limited number. At peak times, there has been a waiting line of one hundred meters at our trade stand.

And that is not the only success, our merchandise have been hot topics both in the social media channels and on the campus at this year’s CEBIT. For example as NDR reporter Carsten Pilger wrote on twitter: “What the CEBIT thinks is of importance: AI, Robots, VR/AR, Blockchain. What of real importance for #cebit18 visitors is: Getting a pool noodle“ . And Jan Delay, headliner on the “Campusbühne“(Campus Stage) at the evening asked ”where all those blue thingies came from“.

Complex Topics Even More Understandable

Right in time for the CEBIT relaunch, we gave our trade show stand a makeover – and received much attention and a very positive feedback for it. We were able to present ourselves as big ECM manufacturer in a top spot of the well-attended hall 15 in which the new stand concept had a big part in. Theme islands made the stand both more open and better understandable, and the mass audience realized quickly what we and our co-exhibitors have to offer. This way even complex topics could be presented to a young audience in a fashionable way.
Talking about co-exhibitors: Seven partners presented their solutions for digital document man-agement. And they are very happy and have made many good contacts as well.

Event Video on Youtube

For everyone who could not attend the CEBIT and would like to take a view back at it now: The event video can be viewed via the following link on YouTube –  enjoy it!


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