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Awesome Feedback for the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress!

We already participated in the trade show “Digital Futurecongress“ several times, which, until a recent change, was called ”IT & Media“ and took place in different German cities like Bielefeld or Frankfurt, for example. At the begging of March, we participated in Frankfurt once again.

The event was quite well attended. Around 3,500 attendees visited the 150 exhibitors, which included us, in only one day. Furthermore, Alliance Manager Oliver Veith held a presentation on the topic “Information management and business 4.0“ which, with more than 100 attendees, was very well visited. The topic of this presentation was how to manage and con-trol files and processes in a 360 degree access from a certain device – a cutting-edge topic which thrilled everyone listening. All things considered, there were many opportunities to get in contact with partners, interested parties and potential customers. It is already planned to participate in the next year as well.


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