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New software component by windream GmbH

Compliant Archiving in the Cloud with windream and Elastic Cloud Storage by Dell EMC

Bochum. windream GmbH, producer and distributor of the windream Enterprise Content Management System, developed a new software module which directly connects the windream ECM system with the Cloud storage solution ”Elastic Cloud Storage“ (ECS) by Dell EMC. The windream control module for ECS allows the user to additionally or alternatively archive documents saved in the windream ECM system in an ECS storage system via an interface or to transfer the documents to the ECS software for further processing.

windream functions connected with cloud storage

The ECS solution by Dell EMC can be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure in different manners, depending on the company’s requirements, either as a software-only appliance or as a cloud storage solution, which is managed by the provider Dell EMC. The interface now allows the user to expand this kind of document storage solution to an integrated system with the familiar functions of the windream ECM system by connecting it with windream.

windream and ECS: compliant and flexible

With “Elastic Cloud Storage“, Dell EMC offers a convenient and flexible Cloud storage solution. Therefore, it is also called “Elastic“ which, in this context, means that the main features of the system are high scalability, reliability and flexibility. This flexibility allows the user to integrate the storage solution into an existing IT system environment depending on their individual demands.

windream and ECS allow the user to archive data of all kind and origin securely and compliantly. For the company, the cooperation of both systems results in a high-performing combination of ECM and storage solution, which meets all legal requirements towards data compliance. The producer Dell EMC itself calls its storage solution the “software-based object store of the next generation“.

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