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windream is the Winner of the BARC Study 2013

ECM system by windream GmbH from Bochum wins for the third time in a row

March 5, 2013 | Bochum. – windream GmbH, producer and vendor of the windream Enterprise Content Management system, is the winner of the latest BARC Study. The windream ECM system has achieved the top ranking in almost all testing categories for the third time in a row.

Top ranking in seven categories

The analysts of the Würbzurg Business Application Research Center (BARC) have awarded windream the full score in seven out of eleven testing categories in the most recent ECM study. In three further categories, windream only narrowly missed that mark. Altogether, BARC tested nine ECM systems by German and international ECM software providers. windream once again emerged as the winner from this field. In the categories archiving, administration, document-import, meta-data and files, retrieval, working with documents and workflow, windream achieved the full score of one-hundred percent. The scores achieved in the categories architecture, integration and e-mail management were only slightly lower. The tests conducted by the BARC analysts were based on the brand-new windream version 5.5.

Kiviat graph visualizes results

BARC uses the so-called Kiviat graph or network diagram to illustrate their test results. For the most recent windream test in the context of the BARC ECM study 2013, this graph looks as follows:

Figure: BARC Kiviat graph for windream 5.5: The single testing categories correspond to the corners of the network diagram with the name of the specific category. The filling of the diagram represents the result achieved in the single testing categories. The closer the filling is to the outer edge of the network, the better the result – beginning with 0 percent in the center of the diagram and ending with 100 percent (maximum achievable value) at the outer edge.

Objective analyses instead of subjective customer interviews

The very positive result achieved by windream is especially noteworthy since the BARC institute is the only producer-independent research center in Germany and does not create its reports and evaluations on the basis of customer and producer interviews – the usual process – but only on the basis of independent software tests and analyses. Further information on the Würzburg Business Application Research Center is available online at www.barc.de.

Roger David, executive director of windream GmbH, on the test result: "We are very happy that our ECM system windream could not only maintain, but even consolidate its top position, in spite of the strong competition. This proves that we have our finger firmly on the pulse of time with our ECM product portfolio, and that we are offering exactly those solutions that are requested on the market.“

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