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windream Archive

Compliant document storage in the windream long-term archive

Why windream? Of course, the windream long-term archive fulfills the required demands completely. Besides the general advantages, the software also differentiates itself from other products by further features. The nearly unlimited volume of data and the close cooperation of the archive software with the windream ECM-system are only some aspects among numerous other facts.

The windream archive can be used as a standalone archive solution separately and in combination with the windream ECM-system. It also cooperates with most different hardware storage technologies like e.g. jukeboxes, single drives and hard disk arrays. And this is independent of the question what kind of archiving strategies and what hardware concepts companies prefer.

Seamlessly integrated

In connection with the windream archive, the ECM-system can be extended by a most powerful long-term archiving solution. Although the system can be used in combination with other complex hardware constellations, all archiving functions can also be used without external storage systems. This means that documents can e.g. be saved in a determined archive sector on an internal hard disk.

The seamless integration of the long-term archive into the windream ECM-system grants users an optimum interaction of both software systems. A decisive advantage for users: The view on documents is always transparent. Archived information can be opened and read any time and conveniently via the Windows Explorer.

Performance features

  • Fulfills legal regulations on electronic archiving completely
  • ECM and long-term archive can be used separately or as an integrated system
  • Supports most modern storage technologies
  • Parallel archiving in heterogeneous hardware subsystems
  • Nearly unlimited data volumes can be archived
  • Easy and transparent archive system administration
  • Automatic media copies
  • Automatic replication