Information Lifecycle Management with windream

Extended archive functions, hierarchical storage systems and performant data migration

Especially in the sector of enterprise content management, it is most important to make documents which have been stored in one or several storage systems available again to users as quickly as possible. In order to reach this objective, you will need an extremely flexible, well-structured and especially performant data migration service. Due to its open architecture, windream is an ideal tool for creating a data infrastructure system with integrated storage management. windream can control the internal storage sectors of a single provider and several systems simultaneously. This will enable you to move documents to different subsystems within a complex environment, e.g. to move data from a less performant system to a more performant one, and vice versa. Of course, data can also be migrated within the storage sectors of a single provider.

Transparent – without software adjustment

In order to integrate storage systems, you need not adjust the windream software. The integration of a new system is only executed via a specificly adjusted program library. The storage system of a supplier is connected to the ECM-system via the lifecycle management module integrated in windream.
In contrast to other solutions, windream does not use links to the original documents – so called stubs. Seen from a users point of view, the information lifecycle functionality is thus a storage strategy which is controlled remotely and which is completely transparent. By combining different storage systems with the windream document lifecycle module and the document type independent ILM-functionality, it is possible to expand the ECM-system to a complex, but easy to handle information lifecycle management system. Thus, windream will become a complete data infrastructure system which can be used in any company.

Performance features

  • On demand availability of stored documents
  • Extending the windream ECM-system to a complete data infrastructure system
  • Parallel control of different storage concepts
  • No adjustment of the windream software required
  • Easy and quick integration of storage subsystems via a provider interface

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