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windream BPM

The modern software solution for business process management

With windream BPM and the windream ECM-system, users will receive a completely integrated software package consisting of business process and enterprise content management, which technologically acts on top level and which is very easy to handle. The individually configurable user interface allows common users and workflow designers as well to adjust the complete system to the individual needs of their company. With the option to reproduce and automise real business processes on a virtual level, windream BPM does not only support companies in managing their business processes efficiently, but also increases their competitiveness enormously.

With windream BPM, windream GmbH offers all windream users a most modern solution for administering business processes. The BPM-software interacts seamlessly with the windream ECM-system and allows users to design, edit and control business processes most easily and in a flexible way. Company-specific business processes which are run according to determined rules can completely be automised.

Internet-based business process management

An internet-based version of windream BPM is also available. It allows BPM-users to initiate and control business processes via the internet and independent of any location. Thus, BPM-users are not bound to a network-dependent BPM-client any more and can edit or view business processes from any position in the world. The only requirement is access to the internet via a common web browser and a valid windream user account with which a user can log on to the windream BPM-server. The web client’s range of functions corresponds to the current version of the network client. This means that users – as far as they are authorized respectively – can access nearly all features which are also offered by the network–bound version. Furthermore, the web integration of the windream BPM-system also includes full access to the windream Web Portal.

BPM and ECM – a top team

Why BPM and ECM? Modern enterprise content management systems are nowadays not only used for general administration of heterogeneous information. They can also be used to support automised and complex business processes and to control them. However, a requirement is that users are equipped with a suitable software like windream with which the processes can be generated, optimised and controlled.

Performance features

  • Easily generating, executing and controlling business processes
  • Seamless interaction between BPM- and ECM-system
  • Graphic designer and forms generator
  • Document viewer for reading documents
  • Company-specific roles on the basis of the windream user and group administration

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0