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windream ECM System

The universal Enterprise Content Management System for all requirements

windream is the only enterprise content management system which has completely been integrated into the operating system. The handling of the ECM-system is intuitive. It does not need a graphical user interface.

The patented VFS-technology, on which windream is based, presents the ECM-system as a network drive in the Windows Explorer. VFS stands for Virtual File System. This file system allows you to capture documents in the ECM-system via the Save command of the applications and via the functions of the Windows Explorers.

windream supports the file formats of all programs. All common commands for file operations which the applications offer can be used with windream. This way, documents can be handled via drag & drop and via the respective commands of the Windows Explorer, e.g. to be moved, copied or deleted.

Ready for any requirement

windream is available in two different product variants:

  • windream SE

    The windream Standard Edition (SE) has been developed for the requirements of smaller and medium-sized companies. It contains all important ECM-functions like document acquisition and indexing, a whole range of retrieval options and the indication and processing of document properties with indices, histories, versions, fulltext, and rights.

    Further on, the windream SE-version offers users a check-in and check-out function for documents which can be edited and a life-cycle administration via which e.g. editing and archiving periods of documents saved in windream can be determined.

  • windream BE

    The windream Business Edition (BE) was designed for the requirements of large companies and features an even bigger range of functions. Unlimited amounts of users and groups, an extended rights concept, the configuration of individual context menus, subscribing to documents, index fields on several tab pages, and much more.

Specific windream functions are available in both product variants. Besides the additional tab pages presenting the file properties, these are e.g. the extended Explorer context menu and the windream Management Console for efficient system administration.

Performance features

  • Enterprise Content Management for all requirements
  • Directly saving and opening documents with the common commands of standard applications
  • Enhancing the Windows Find function by windream-specific document retrieval methods
  • Low introductory and follow-up costs by less administration and training efforts
  • No cost-intensive integrations and adjustments to existing and future applications