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windream Exchange

E-mail archiving for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server

windream Exchange offers windream users a decisive additional value, if they want to administer their electronic messages efficiently. Another important factor is the relief of the mail server and also the complex but easy to use windream ECM-functions with which messages can be edited and administered much more conveniently than on the Exchange Server itself. Even a targeted search operation can be conducted very easily. windream offers compliant mail archiving which fulfills all legal regulations.

Quick and convenient

The e-mail archiving system archives all message texts and the associated attachments as well. On the client side, the mails will be moved from Microsoft Outlook – respectively from the Exchange server – to windream. This process is executed according to individually definable rules which can be created very quickly with an editor. In order to automate the archiving processes, the mailboxes and public folders of MS Exchange Server can be connected to selected destination folders of the windream Server. If mails are archived manually, users can e.g. assign document types to the messages or determine the destination folders in windream.

The access rights on Exchange objects in windream and on windream folders in which the objects have been stored are controlled via the windream rights administration module. This will ensure that the messages will only be accessible to authorised users.

Performance features

  • Convenient mail administration from Microsoft Outlook / Exchange and from windream as well
  • Efficient processing and quick retrieval with the windream-specific ECM-functions
  • Automatic and manual message archiving
  • Easy configuration with rules assistant
  • Relief of Microsoft‘s Exchange Server

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0