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windream Imaging

Convenient document import for windream

With windream Imaging, we offer a powerful solution for the windream ECM-system with which users can easily scan, index and archive incoming paper documents. windream Imaging allows you to digitise documents and to execute all capturing steps under one user interface very conveniently.

One single step

First, a scan process will be started to digitise incoming documents. The scans can be edited, indexed and imported into windream together with their associated index data and in one workstep only. windream Imaging also offers an option to import already existing TIFF-files into windream. Single pages and complete documents can be added. Optionally, an OCR-process will be executed when starting the import process. In this context, the text elements of the documents scanned will be extracted and automatically saved as fulltext with the documents in the ECM-system.

Specificly supporting Konica Minolta devices

windream Imaging has specificly been designed for workgroups in a network neighborhood and especially supports multifunctional devices of Konica Minolta, which can easily be integrated into the windream Imaging software. However, you can also use devices of other suppliers without any restriction as well.

Performance features

  • All sectors for document processing in one user interface
  • Convenient import of different filetypes
  • Special support for Konica Minolta multifunctional devices
  • Quick update of windream documents and index data
  • Configurable and automatic document storage in the ECM-system
  • Automized e-mail notification for selected users after document import