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windream Mobile

The enterprise content management solution for mobile use

With windream Mobile and the integrated synchronisation module, windream users who need to transport complex document collections independent of their professional requirements will receive a powerful mobile ECM-solution.

Modern software solutions – especially in the ECM and archive sector – must nowadays also be able to support users in mobile application sectors efficiently. Meeting to this demand, windream GmbH offers a mobile windream solution which enables users to work with the ECM-system “on the road” and which also allows you to synchronise data conveniently. E.g., the synchronisation module offers options to synchronise the data of two windream systems – typically a local windream server and a mobile computer.

Data adjustment with one mouse click only

During a synchronisation process, selected folders, contained documents and also the associated document and folder properties like e.g. indices will be adjusted on both systems. The solution allows users to configure synchronisation processes according to self-defined rules individually. You can create documents on one or on both windream systems or even delete them. New document versions can also be created, or existing previous versions can be overwritten by the current version on a computer.

The mobile windream solution expands the range of windream functions substantially. In mobile application sectors, there will be completely new application options. As the windream single user software is technologically based on the current version of the network client application, the mobile computers of windream users will always be equipped with all functuions of the network client. Especially the convenient retrieval applications will ensure that documents can be found again quickly, even in complex data volumes.

Performance features

  • ECM-system for mobile use – without any restrictions in the range of functions
  • Convenient data adjustment between two windream systems, even on portable computers
  • Synchronisation of documents and properties
  • Complex configuration options with definable rules

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0

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windream Mobile
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