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windream Proxy-Server

Powerful Enterprise Content Management at decentral locations

With the windream Proxy Server, information can be exchanged on a virtual data highway very efficiently via a fast cache. Proxy Servers use this cache, as they organise the complete traffic between headquarters, branches, plants, offices, departments and divisions automatically, without expensive investment into new hardware components and without administrative efforts.

The windream Proxy Server has especially been developed for this purpose. In connection with the windream ECM-system, the Proxy Server offers companies a completely uncomplicated information management which is necessary for their business. This is not only important for information access and distribution, but also for a targeted information retrieval in the collected knowledge base of all involved company sectors. And this is even independent of the number of users who are currently logged on to the system.

Efficient – without further investment

The windream Proxy Server allows companies to establish an efficient and inexpensive data connection without further investment. Especially companies and organisations which operate at different locations independently of each other will gain enormous profit from the performance of the Proxy Server. Besides the fact that the Proxy Server speeds up data exchange between geographically separated branches, it will only make a performant and electronic information exchange come true in many companies.

Performance features

  • Efficient use of cache for data transmission
  • Quick availability of documents at decentral locations
  • Performant Enterprise Content Management even via narrow-band networks
  • Intelligent business logics for synchronisation of cached documents with the main server
  • Very inexpensive, less administration efforts

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0