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windream Share Drive

Enterprise Content Management on all platforms

The shared drive is based on a so called network share and a modified version of the virtual windream file system driver (VFS). Generally, the driver supports all operating systems wich are able to integrate conventional Microsoft Windows network drives. This way, e.g. Linux and Mac OS users also access documents saved in windream without any additional software installation.

Specific adjustment of the VFS driver

The modified driver is installed on a separate server. After installation, it can be accessed by the clients via a Windows network share. The windream drive appears as a Microsoft Windows network drive under a selectable drive letter in the system neighborhood of the connected computers. Users can access the documents saved in the folder structures of the windream drive from there. Share Drive users can also access the ECM-functions  via the windream Web Portal without any software installation on the client computers.

This type of VFS-driver installation allows users to even edit windream documents via the server drive, if no windream client software has been installed on their computers.

Performance features

  • One ECM-system for different operating systems
  • No separate client software required
  • Clean zero footprint application with the windream Web Portal – without redundant data
  • Supports the Windows offline functionality for data synchronisation
  • Easy integration of the network drive into the windream server environment

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0