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windream Signature

Electronic signatures for windream documents

An electronic signature in a windream document does not only prove the authenticity of the sender, but also the integrity of the data transmitted. A qualified electronic signature provides the same legal properties as a manual signature.

Signing documents in the windream ECM-system

Independent of the question whether a document has already been signed or not and what type of information (e.g. e-mails) you want to administer – all documents saved in windream must be archived securely and according to legal regulations. A further, important demand of users is that the functions for signing documents – e.g. assigning, checking and viewing signatures and their certificates – must directly be implemented into the ECM-system and that documents can be signed from there. This demand is completely fulfilled by windream. The command for signing documents has been integrated into the context menu of the Windows Explorer. This integration allows you to even sign multiple documents electronically via a quickly available command in one workstep only.

In order to sign documents, users need a smartcard reader, the respective software and a valid card. Further on, you will need a personal authentication issued by an official authority. The Visual Basic 6 Runtime library must be installed.

Performance features

  • Maximum protection against data manipulation by electronic signatures
  • Certificate of authenticity according to current EU-regulations
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Viewing and checking certificates via the file properties dialog
  • Complete integration of the signature functions into the Windows Explorer

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0

Further Information

windream Signature
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