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windream To Go

Giving documents away – effective data distribution with windream To Go

windream To Go expands the windream ECM-system by an innovative component for mobile data distribution. The software allows windream users to transfer documents of a windream system together with the object properties as a complete and self-carrying project to an external storage medium like CD, DVD or USB storage device. This way, windream To Go is an ideal tool to distribute complex project documentations, product catalogs, info-CDs or digitised documents which could have been created by scan services, too.

No windream installation required

Even users without windream installation can thus retrieve and read documents transferred to a storage medium – independently of a local windream system. The use of windream To Go is completely independent of the network-dependent ECM, as all required documents and program data are written to the external, portable medium as a data container. The program, which has been designed for ad-hoc use, does not require any further configuration. windream To Go presents the documents exported to a data carrier in a treeview which is quite similar to the look and feel of the Windows Explorer. Via this interface, you can also view the document properties like indices, rights, histories, lifecycles and fulltext.

All retrieval functions of a local windream system are also available in windream To Go. An offline retrieval process in a document volume of an opened windream To Go container can e.g. be conducted via the the meta data exported with the documents. It is also possible to conduct a retrieval process in the fulltext or to use search profiles, which can be started directly from the windream To Go interface.

Performance features

  • Quick and effective distribution of stored information
  • All attributes of documents contained in the main system can be exported to windream To Go
  • Combined retrieval via document types, attributes and fulltext
  • Definition of search profiles
  • Free start page design
  • Selectable document export mode – in original or in XML-format, including meta data

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0