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windream XML Import Manager

Automised document indexing and archiving with XML-files

The windream XML Import Manager represents a solution for automatic take-over and archiving of documents and meta data which is available in XML-format into the windream ECM-system.The binary files and the associated index data from existing XML-files are imported. Further on, it is also possible to archive the fulltext of documents. Additionally, the fulltext can also be provided by another process.

Extendable processing options

The solution is highly flexible and can be extended individually. It consists of a central import program which processes existing XML-files from third party programs in a way that data can be used directly in the windream ECM-system for archiving the documents and meta data described in the XML-files. The data processing can be extended by further functions like e.g. by pre- and post-processing scripts. Further on, the system can e.g. inform users via e-mail on the successful reception or termination of an archiving process. In order to process additional entries like e.g. extended sender and receiver data, a cross query via a respectively configured database can also be conducted.

Data exchange via XML is not limited to specific products of third party suppliers. It can be extended to all applications whose original data is supplied to the Import Manager in XML-format.

Performance features

  • Automised document and index take-over in windream
  • Flexible handling by central import application
  • Extended usability by integration of pre- and post-processing scripts
  • Proccesses any input stream
  • Integrated notification service
  • Configuration via the Windows Registry and via XML-files

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0