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windream for SAP-applications

The ideal ECM-Solution for SAP ECC 6.0

Integrated software worlds: windream SAPcommand and windream ArcLink exactly do what users have already been requesting for a long time now: the integration of different software worlds into one single system. With windream for SAP-applications, SAP-users gain profit from the advantages of a top product like windream – without having to leave their common IT-environment. A generic windream interface to the SAP-world opens a whole variety of new application sectors, which – until now – could only be realised with enormous programming efforts.

windream SAPcommand and ArcLink – an approved team for SAP-integrations

With windream SAPcommand, we have already been supplying a powerful import and scan interface of the windream ECM-System for a long time now. And with windream ArcLink, dcuments can be imported into windream and connected to SAP-receipts. This results in a direct connection between SAP-specific business processes and performant content management without compromise, as the interface connects any document archived in windream seamlessly to SAP business objects.

The SAPcommand interface now offers even more convenience when starting SAP-functionalities. While – until now – only static SAP-function modules could be used, it is also possible now to start any module directly from windream SAPcommand in remote mode. Modules which have been developed by programmers can now be addressed easily and any time via the integrated generic interface.

Performance features

  • Automatic import of documents with any format into windream
  • Integration into Kofax Capture, Pixel Translations and QuickScan Pro into the file system
  • Post-processing of document stacks which have not been processed correctly before
  • Automatic indexing of already available documents and connection to SAP-receipts
  • Direct access to all scanned and indexed documents in windream

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0