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Kofax Capture for windream

Scanning, processing and managing paper documents automatically

You do not only want to capture, digitise and administer electronically created documents in windream, but also information on paper? No problem with our ECM-integration into Kofax Capture! And with the suitable “windream Release Module”, you will receive a complete solution which fulfills this demand without any restrictions.

Capturing, indexing and storing in one single workstep only. All documents and forms are first captured by Kofax Capture via scanners. The system analyses the documents which have been digitised and generates index information from their contents. These indices are used by windream to administer the receipts. The digitised documents are transferred to windream via a modified release module. While the script, which has especially been adjusted to windream, is running, the software solution can uniquely assign the windream document type and the index data as well. This makes a manual entry of index criteria obsolete. The desired storage locations of the documents can be selected individually.

Flexible and inexpensive

Information from mixed stacks will even be identified and classified automatically by the forms processing function. This will substantially simplify the preparation of the paper documents for the scan process, which – otherwise – would be quite time intensive.

Hundreds of documents per day can be scanned efficiently and without high investment into expensive systems, if you use the Kofax Capture standalone installation and the windream ECM-system. But, the scan solution also allows you to process even higher document stacks. The installation in a network allows users to combine any workstation with different scan, identification, evaluation and release modules. Even steadily growing paper stacks can be processed without any problem.

Performance features

  • Automised scanning of any paper document type from mixed stacks
  • Direct transfer of all receipts to the windream ECM-system
  • Integrated forms recognition and automatic index generation
  • Fulltext extraction for retrieval in the contents of documents

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