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windream for Centera

Powerful document management for the Content Addressed Storage System of EMC²

The interface allows you to archive documents which have been saved in a windream system on a Centera cluster. windream users can retrieve already archived objects of the Centera cluster with the windream Find functions quickly and efficiently. And together with the Centera technology, windream does not only support the archiving of documents, but also the assigned document properties like e.g. the indices, the document histories, the lifecycle data and further document attributes. The EMC storage technology can be used in combination with systems designed for enterprise content management in an ideal way. The windream integration ensures that electronic documents of any type can also be administered in a Centera system environment.

Suppport of Centera-specific functions

Further on,windream supports the Centera-specific functions for data replication, for managing archiving periods, for deletion, and the single instance feature for archiving identical objects once only.  In the context of a so called “windream Replication Cluster Desaster Recovery Strategy“ data will only be deleted from a windream ECM-server, if it is available on the Centera cluster and on the replication cluster as well. The archiving period and thus the date of deletion of specific documents can be set on the windream ECM-level globally and on the Centera-level for each cluster. The Centera feature for archiving identical objects can be enabled or disabled individually on the windream ECM-level, if required. Thus, you can determine whether identical objects shall only be saved once as single instance or as duplicates.

Performance features

  • Direct connection of the windream archive sector to the Centera storage technology
  • Ad-hoc archiving of windream documents on a Centera cluster
  • Retrieval in a Centera cluster via the windream Find functions
  • Easy configuration of the Centera storage technology with the windream Management Console
  • Complete integration of the windream lifecycle administration module into Centera

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0