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windream for Medico//s and HL7

Quickly viewing patients files for data administration in hospitals

This solution extends the patient administration system Medico//s by a powerful viewer designed for reading patient-related files. As all patient files which have been created in Medico//s according to the HL7-standard and the assigned documents can directly be saved and indexed in windream, the Medico//s system can be enhanced by a powerful ECM-system and thus be completed to an integrative solution. The windream file viewer for Medico//s allows e.g. doctors and other authorised Medico//-users in hospitals to read patient data without delay. With its easy handling, the system supports all authorised users in hospitals that need quick access to relevant patient data. In order to be able to present the desired information as quickly as possible, the file viewer provides an intuitive user interface with an integrated thumbnail view for digitised documents. Saved files can quickly be found via HL7-compatible data fields like e.g. a patient’s internal hospital number or his name.

Digital archiving

A separate electronic folder is created for each patient file in windream, so that the virtual patient administration in the ECM-system will completely reproduce the structure of a paper archive. The integration of the enterprise content management system windream into Medico//s on the basis of the international HL7 standard instructions allows hospitals to create complex archives which can present any desired patient information without delay. This ability increases efficiency in patient-related data administration enormously.

Performance features

  • Automised storage and indexing of Medico//s patient files in the ECM-system
  • Fulfills all requirements of the communication standard Health Level Seven (HL7)
  • Time saving and fast availability of patient-related data
  • Efficient retrieval via HL7 data fields
  • Individual filtering of data for viewing
  • Separate scan module available
  • High resolution thumbnail view for scanned file contents

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0