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windream Web Portal

Enterprise Content Management via internet

With the windream Web Portal, companies use the internet as platform for global access to information stored centrally on a windream Server. This will lead to improved competitivenss, and the success can be measured. All business process can be managed much quicker. Additionally, the windream Web Portal offers many application sectors. Authorised users can access documents from any place of the world and view, edit, archive or save new documents this way. Third party applications, which create documents in their specific file format and which users need for editing their documents, can easily be integrated via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http).

Extended range of functions

The windream Web Portal offers users and administrators a whole variety of options to configure the system individually. Thus, you can e.g. determine the functions that users may execute from a result list after having conducted a search operation on a specific portal site. Further on, users can now also differentiate between full users with unlimited rights and those with restricted rights.

The windream Web Portal is available in two different software variants: While the windream Web Portal allows you to retrieve and to download documents, the extended professional version windream Web Portal Pro offers all further ECM-functions which are also available on a local windream computer. These are e.g. a direct editing and creation of folders and properties and an upload function as well.

Performance features

  • Enormous acceleration of business processes
  • Reduces costs by worldwide availability of the ECM-system
  • No additional software component required on the client cmputer
  • Access via a common internet browser
  • Fast and convenient navigation
  • Windows Explorer-like hierarchical filing structures