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Administering and archiving documents electronically

No matter whether you handle mail items such letters, fax messages, e-mails or important material like contracts, invoices, delivery notes, orders and enquiries – for the windream ECM system what kind of information you want to manage is unimportant. windream is truly configurable for all departments and document types ; therefore no matter how high your paper stacks in your office really are – windream ensures that the stacks will disappear.

More efficiency in the office

With pure electronic management of your documents, you will work much more effectively than before. This will save time and money, and you will soon become much more competitive than companies which still have to fetch their paper files from the cellar. Of course, all legal requirements will be completely fulfilled if documents are managed and archived electronically – no matter whether you manage e-mails or any other important information.

Convenient digitization

Documents which were originally only available on paper can be digitized efficiently into windream via scanners. Applying keywords – indexing – can even be automated. Also, information from third party products which save their files in “exotic” formats and which is already in electronic formats can be simply converted and managed with windream.
The windream ECM system is highly scalable; an installation can be implemented to fit the size of your company. In order to achieve an optimum relationship between the number of users, the related requirements of your company and the range of functions of the ECM system, windream is available in three different product variants. They cover the complete range of users, from freelancers and smaller offices to worldwide enterprises. We also offer a whole variety of additional solutions and add-on products. Last but not least, there are also about one hundred solutions available which have been developed by windream partners for various application sectors.

And finally: with the windream archive, you cannot go wrong should your long-term archiving of documents requirements change. The windream archive supports most modern storage technologies and different hardware concepts.


  • Saves much time during document retrieval when compared to paper archives
  • Unlimited document volumes
  • Specific product variants for smaller and medium-sized companies and for enterprises
  • Compliant archiving
  • Modular construction with optional add-on products
  • Convenient digitization of paper-bound documents

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