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Administering documents on Terminal Servers

windream for Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe

windream is also available for Terminal Server environments. For this purpose, we have created a modified version of our Virtual File System (VFS) driver, which has specificly been adjusted to Terminal Server emulations. This modified driver version allows users to integrate the windream ECM-system into Microsoft's Windows Terminal Server environments and into Citrix MetaFrame. With this solution, users who work in Terminal environments can also use the complete windream range of functions.

Reduced installation and configuration efforts

The integration provides the windream client application in Terminal Server environments to all users centrally. Thus, installation and configuration efforts can be reduced to a minimum, as these administration jobs need only be executed once at a central location on the application server.

In order to ensure high-speed data transfer, windream can be installed on a separate server within a Terminal Server environment. Users have access to this server from their terminals, and they work just like in a normal windream environment. Documents and associated properties can be created, edited, saved and archived – independent of the question on which server the original application is running. This way, users can e.g. use the common Save as command of the Windows applications to save the documents which have been created with the original applications on a windream Server. Of course, they can also use all other ECM-functions.


  • Central availability of the windream client application
  • Low installation and configuuration efforts
  • All windream functions can also be used on Terminal Servers
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Full support for Windows applications

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