The windream integration for the ERP system APplus is characterized by its multitude of functions and many areas of use. It allows the direct transfer and archiving of receipts from the ERP system into an individually configurable storage structure of the windream drive. Searches for already archived documents can be executed directly from APplus.

Just drag and drop!

Retrieved documents are displayed in lists in the ERP system. Of course, all saved information can also be opened from APplus. This way, documents can be edited, saved, permanently archived and, if required, versionized. Documents are either accessed via a drive mapping – the so-called „windream Share Drive“ – or per internet link via the windream Web Portal. For capturing new documents, the system even supports drag and drop functions, e.g. for transferring documents from the file system into APplus or for exporting already captured documents from the windream ECM system into another file system or to the desktop.

Indexing made easy

For indexing documents archived in windream, you can use freely selectable data fields of the ERP system as index fields of a document type in windream. All process steps can be executed from the ERP system without having to leave the user interface. In this context, it is especially useful that all documents saved in windream are listed in their specific ERP context in an overview and can be displayed via a single mouse-click. This saves a lot of time, since each document can be made immediately available this way.


  • Wide range of functions and possibilities of use
  • Direct transfer of APplus receipts into windream
  • Research in windream via the ERP system interface
  • Links between APplus index fields and windream
  • Overviews of relevant documents in the ERP context

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0