The link to the windream ECM system, specifically developed for Diamant by windream GmbH, allows users, e.g. in accounting, to export incoming invoices as well as booking lists and journals directly from the Diamant software and to forward them to windream. For this purpose, incoming hardcopy invoices are first scanned. Then, the Diamant software automatically creates a barcode for each captured invoice. The barcode contains a number with a unique reference, allowing a quick retrieval and identification of all documents.

Efficient Capturing and Managing of Receipts

Each captured receipt can be displayed in the Diamant interface as well as in windream. Once a document has been saved in the ECM system, it is post-indexed in windream with the document indices assigned by the accounting software. This way, all invoices captured in the system can be retrieved in Diamant as well as in windream via the same indices.


  • Rationalization of workflows in accounting
  • ECM integration into the existing Diamant financial accounting software
  • Convenient installation and handling
  • Minimal effort in expenditures

Contact Person

windream GmbH

Phone: +49 234 9734-0