FibuNet represents a financial accounting and controlling system for industrial economy and for tax counselors. The software allows an efficient capturing of bookings and quick processing of receipts with extensive possibilities for evaluation. A booking is based on associated receipts, which can be directly transferred to windream. The amount time required for storing a receipt is thus significantly reduced.

Online bookings

Information on the data required for allocation can be requested online during the capturing of bookings. This way, users can directly enter bookings without manually allocating the receipt first. After each booking, a tag is printed at the stationary allocation printer, containing all required allocation data according to GoBS (German guidelines for compliant accounting systems).

Split bookings can be processed, as well. A tag is printed for each batch; this way, the allocation will always be identical to the actually captured data. The time required for this process is reduced by over 40 per cent as compared to manual allocating.

Automated scanning

Receipts tagged with a barcode are imported at the central scanning station directly after allocation. Depending on the scanner used, up to 55 receipts per minute can be digitalized. After the processes of scanning and transferring the accounting record to windream, all information concerning the accounting record is stored in the form of indices or search criteria. In order to view the receipt of a specific booking, you can now simply press a FibuNet function key and conveniently access the receipt via the account and journal information.


  • Efficient capturing and archiving of FibuNet receipts in windream
  • Extensive possibilities for evaluation
  • Automated transfer of scanned receipts to windream
  • Accounting record information can be used as index criteria in windream
  • Direct access to receipts via FibuNet function keys

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