MS Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX represents a business software for enterprise resource planning and addresses medium-sized companies, but also internationally operating enterprises as well. With the windream integration into this ERP-software, AX-users can enhance their IT and make it an intelligent business solution with completely integrated ECM-functions. The result: Increased efficiency, substantial cost savings, extreme system security and outstanding user friendliness.

Bidirectional enterprise resource planning

The integration of the windream ECM-system into Dynamics AX allows users to exchange data between the ERP-application and windream. This way, it is e.g. possible to automatically save documents which have been created in MS Dynamics AX in an explicitly defined folder structure of the windream drive. In a certain way, the filing structure consists of an electronic filing cabinet containing folders which can be administered by the system itself and without any manual interruptions of a user. The documents stored in these folders are not only fed with specific Dynamics AX information automatically, but they will also be updated, if required. Using this method of automatical indexing, AX-specific documents are retrievable quickly and without any delay.

Vice versa, you can also connect documents which have been created from external side – meaning from outside Dynamics AX – and which have been saved in windream to the ERP-modules directly. After the command for connecting a document has been started, the system will automatically execute the required processing steps to inform the ERP-system on the previously generated link and to make the document available to a Dynamics AX project module or even a specific project step including the index properties. Advantage: Completely automised processing steps avoid incorrect entries made by users. The documents which have been captured will be pre-indexed by the system automatically, which again results in an extremely precise and quick information retrieval – in windream or in MS Dynamics AX as well.


  • Extending a Dynamics AX system to an intelligent business system
  • Bidirectional ERP – accessible from windream and from Dynamics AX
  • Completely automised linking between documents and ERP-projects
  • Quick availability of any information in the ERP-system
  • Substantial cost savings and outstanding user friendliness

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