Our solutions for SAP ERP-users can exactly do what users have always been demanding: the integration of different software worlds into one complete system. From now on, SAP-users gain profit from the advantages of a top product like windream – without having to say good-bye to their usual IT-environment they are familiar with. The generic windream interface which connects to the SAP-world opens numerous new application options which could only be realised with enormous efforts until now.

Powerful, convenient…

Our solutions have already been providing powerful import and scan interfaces between the windream ECM-system and SAP for years. Documents saved in windream can now directly be linked to SAP-receipts via the interface. This results in an ad-hoc connection between SAP-specific business objects and powerful Content Management without compromise, as the interface connects any document stored in windream to SAP-objects. A typical example: Documents and files related to SAP-objects like e.g. supplier- or customer-specific data can be viewed as lists in the SAP user interface directly. Even information which had not been linked to an SAP-object so far can be included in the lists.

…and adjustable

Users who work in an SAP-environment and who also want to use the windream ECM-system for administering their documents will receive a very efficient tool for viewing and connecting windream documents in the SAP-interface, if they use our SAP-solutions. In addition to this, the direct integration also means a substantially improved convenience, because the lists can be saved and thus be used again. They can also be modified any time and adjusted to a company’s individual needs.

Forget the separation between SAP-specific applications and the numerous file formats of the Windows world. Our solutions for SAP-users close the gap between SAP and ECM. Good news for SAP-users!


  • Directly linking SAP-receipts and windream documents
  • Quickly finding and opening files and documents from the SAP-interface
  • Convenient list views
  • Lists can be saved, modified and used again
  • Adjustable

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