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Steps Business Solution

With the link between the ERP system Steps Business Solution and windream, users can customize an integrated software complete package consisting of a performative ERP component and a modern ECM system.

Automated archiving processes

The solution among other things allows an automated archiving of receipts in windream directly from the Steps Business Solution. Furthermore, new documents can easily be created and the assignment of document properties such as the indexing of the information captured in the system is fully automated. Users can quickly view saved information via a context intensive display and access the information for reading.
Furthermore, the integration is characterized by flexible possibilities for configuration. Object information on documents from the Steps Business Solution can e.g. be used as indices in windream. The system can also dynamically generate the storage locations of documents in windream, e.g. on the basis of information on the year or date.

User support through intelligent proposal lists

The solution supports drag and drop operations for capturing and archiving the specific receipts. When indexing the objects to be captured, the user can adopt indices, among other things from previously defined proposal lists, making bothersome manual entries unnecessary. In the context of the indexing dialog for example, it suffices to enter the first character of a customer’s name to display a proposal list with available names. It is generally possible to assign heterogeneous or unstructured information to previously defined business processes.


  • Entirely integrated software complete package
  • Automatic archiving of receipts in windream
  • Automated assignment of indices
  • Entry support through proposal lists
  • Explicit assignment of heterogeneous and unstructured information

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