With windream Connect to Varial, Varial users are offered an efficient and smoothly operating windream integration. It combines the products of the Varial Software AG with windream. All Varial applications – whether in the financing, controlling or personnel management sector – can be quickly and conveniently extended to an integrated complete system via the windream interface. It contains applications for controlling, Document Management and archiving purposes.

Process-specific access to all receipts

With the windream ECM link to Varial, Varial users can acquire process-oriented and coherent access to all saved documents, whether receipts, correspondences with customers and business partners or heterogeneous documents on various projects and products.

Documents stored in windream can be opened for editing or viewing from the Varial applications as well as from windream. The process-oriented view allows you to simultaneously access all documents of a specific business process. The document type is completely insignificant in this context – whether Varial receipt, e-mail, presentation, Excel sheet or Word document. The system also supports the use of barcodes for a quick identification of saved or digitalized receipts. A barcode can be assigned electronically in Varial or – for hardcopy documents – externally via a tag. The codifications of the barcodes can be used for the automatic indexing of captured documents in windream.

An archiving process can be started directly from the corresponding Varial application. Furthermore, the life cycle administration integrated in windream allows you to automatically archive documents on the basis of individual rules.

Effective research

Generally, various research functions are available to users. They are all equally effective and can accomplish the desired aims in short amounts of time: on the one hand, searches for documents can be executed directly from the corresponding Varial application. On the other hand, a document research can also be executed via the various windream find functions.


  • Extension of the Varial software to an integrated complete system with controlling, ECM and archiving functions
  • Process-specific access to all saved information
  • Coherent and individually configurable storage of heterogeneous documents in the ECM system
  • All receipts editable in Varial as well as in windream
  • Simultaneous access to all information assigned to a process
  • Support of barcodes for document indexing
  • Various research functions directly from Varial or windream

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