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Constructing an enterprise knowledge base

windream provides complex but easy to handle mechanisms with which you can manage your complete enterprise knowledge efficiently. In connection with an effective hierarchic storage managemement solution, the information lifecylce management module integrated in windream allows you to administer all information saved in the ECM-system securely and to make it available to authorised users with one mouse click only. With the freely definable rules of the lifecycle administration module you determine the period documents shall be available in the knowledge pool, the point of time they shall be archived and how long they shall be archived.

Storage management up to date

In order to ensure high data availability, modern storage management concepts and solutions are used nowadays. They have primarily been developed to move data between different storage systems, media types and hardware technologies. This may be useful, if documents which have not been opened or edited for a specific period of time shall e.g. be moved from a fast to a slower or cheaper medium automatically. However, a decisive feature which is responsible for the performance of the complete infrastructure system is the software that controls the different storages. For this purpose, windream is an ideal tool.

Performant data movement

windream ensures that archived documents are made available quickly to all users. In order to achieve this objective, windream offers a flexible, well-structured and performant data movement concept. Due to its open architecture, windream, is the ideal data infrastructure tool for controlling all storage solutions which have been integrated into an IT-environment.
Extended archive functions

With the extended archive functions module you can move documents archived in windream to a new storage location or use it to migrate data. The “windream Filesystem Archiving” solution simply replaces a conventional fileserver by a unique and compliant archiving system with integrated hierarchic storage management on the basis of a most modern storage technology.


  • Efficient administration of complete business-related knowledge pools
  • Individual lifecycle rules for documents
  • Performant data migration between different storage systems
  • Extended archive functions for data migration
  • Replacement of a fileserver by a compliant archive

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