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Mobile Enterprise Content Management

Sales managers, customer service staff and generally anyone who is frequently “on the road” needs access to his company’s information– irrespective of his location anywhere in the world. For these people, we have developed very special ECM solutions, from synchronisation tools and mobile ECM-applications to internet-based access to windream servers.

Data Updating on a notebook computer

With the windream synchronisation software, we offer an innovative solution which allows complete rules-based data reconciliation between two windream systems. In mobile use, data is typically adjusted between a notebook computer, on which the windream standalone version named windream Solo has been installed, and a local windream Server working in a network environment. The synchronisation options allow users always to keep the data of both windream systems up to date. Documents can be created, modified or deleted on either of the windream systems, new document versions can be created or existing previous versions can be overwritten by the current versions; these changes are then reconciled across both systems.

Worldwide via internet

With the windream Web Portal, companies can use the internet as a platform for global access to information which has been saved on a central windream server. Authorised users can access documents saved in the ECM system from anywhere in the world and can read, edit, archive or create new documents. This only requires internet access via a common browser; no other software installation is required.

How to transport documents

With windream To Go, documents can quickly be made available on portable data carriers such as CDs or USB sticks. These media can then be used e.g. for distributing info-CDs or product catalogs. windream To Go adds value to the ECM system by providing an innovative component for distributing information of any kind to selected target groups. The software allows windream users to transfer documents together with their object properties as a complete, self-contained system to external storage media. All windream retrieval options are available, so users can retrieve information even in complex information collections.


  • Access to the windream ECM system – independent of location
  • Synchronisation of two windream systems in mobile use
  • Access to documents via the internet
  • Convenient transport of even complex document collections
  • Creation of self-contained archives to distribute specific information

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