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Extending SharePoint by ECM-functions

Our solution for Microsoft SharePoint Server enhances the Microsoft product by a reliable, solid and easy to handle ECM-platform. With this solution, which connects the windream ECM-system to SharePoint, SharePoint-users place their documents in the SharePoint user interface as usual. However, the documents will not be archived in the SharePoint-database after being captured, but in the windream ECM-system directly. The archiving processes are executed according to individual rules with which users can determine the point of time and the time periods within which the SharePoint-documents to be archived shall be transferred to the windream archive. Further on, you can also determine the type of documents to be archived. A retrival process is conducted via SharePoint, too, and all Find options of the windream ECM-system are available.

Completely integrated

With the integration of the windream system into SharePoint, users will receive a substantially extended range of functions. Thus, besides compliant archiving, you can also define individual lifecycle rules for documents. The integration extends the SharePoint Server also by a complex storage management application with enables you to integrate any subsystem of common storage providers. Our SharePoint solution can easily be integrated into an existing IT-infrastructure and can be enhanced by a complex information lifecycle management system.

Especially teams, departments and workgroups who use Microsoft’s SharePoint Server and who want to store their documents in a compliant and reliable long-term archive gain profit from this solution.


  • Completely transparent and uncomplicated integration of the windream ECM-system into Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Hierarchical storage management and life-cycle administration
  • Secure storage of all SharePoint-documents in windream – directly from the SharePoint-interface
  • Quick access to information
  • Editing and changing the SharePoint-documents and metadata saved in windream from SharePoint at any time
  • No performance loss in case of increasing data volumes
  • Load removal for the SharePoint-database

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