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Preventing documents from manipulation

How can you prove that a document really is what it seems to be? – We offer solutions which confirm the authenticity of documents, but which also enable you to detect manipulations immediately.

Unforgeable signatures

Our software solutions allow you to sign documents saved in windream digitally. Via a so called Signatures tab page, which has been integrated into the windream-specific tabs of the file properties dialog, documents can be signed electronically. Already existing signatures can also be read via this tab. Via the signatures application, users can check a signature of a saved document on validity and correctness. Also the current status of a signature can be checked via a check command any time. Signatures can be attached to single documents and to a collection as well. A specific option of the windream solution allows users e.g. to sign several documents in one working step only. Further on, every signing process is entered into the windream document histories. This logging procedure ensures a gapless control over all signing processes.

Documents are “stamped“

Further on, we also offer a software component for the windream archive system which of course fulfills legal regulations completely. This solution allows users to immediately discover manipulations on documents. The application uses specific security mechanisms like digital timestamps, checksums and journals. This way, any change of data in the archive will detected at once. Our extraordinary security mechanisms grant a permanent protection of your data against manipulations and falsifications of any kind.


  • Protection against manipulations by electronic signatures
  • Convenient administration including multiple signatures
  • Gapless control over signing processes
  • Extraordinary security mechanisms, also for the windream archive
  • 100 percent legal compliance

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