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Saving e-mails securely

A technologically leading product like windream will also support you in managing e-mail volumes and mailboxes. We offer companies and users who have to fight their e-mail flood daily and who have to separate important information from advertisements useful and easy to handle e-mail management and archiving solutions. In connection with the windream ECM-system, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook or Exchange users can administer their e-mails securely.

Modern, individual – and powerful

With the windream mail archiving software, windream users are equipped with a modern and extremely powerful software tool which provides an automised and a manual archiving function as well. The software forwards any message object of a mail server to the windream ECM-system and archives it there. The system saves all message texts and the associated attachments. The archiving processes are executed according to individually definable rules which can be created quickly and conveniently. After messages have been stored in windream, users can still access archived mails via the client mail application. Further on, objects and their metadata can also be edited via windream and can quickly be retrieved via the windream retrieval applications.

Additional value

Expecting that e-mail traffic will still increase in future, the windream mail archiving solutions contribute to a decisive additional value in case users want to manage their electronic mails efficiently. Another fact to be considered is that the mail servers will be unloaded. Also the complex, but easy to handle ECM-functions contribute to a much more efficient mail management, which also includes a convenient handling of mail collections. And a targeted mail retrieval becomes much more easier with windream. Last not least: windream of course fulfills the current legal regulations for mail archiving.


  • Easy and secure mail archiving for Lotus Notes, MS Outlook and Exchange
  • Automised and manual archiving
  • Individually definable rules
  • Quick retrieval in the message archive
  • Access to archived mails via the mail client and via windream
  • Substantially unloading mail servers

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