windream 6.5 Download Patches und Hotfixes

Last update: 2019-03-22

New Servicepack and new tool to check against released patches available! Read more info below.

Windows 10 Anniversary, Creators Update or any newer Updates
and also updates from Windows 8 to 8.1 might resolve in windream standard client problems.
Due to missing network provider entries, the windream VFS will request login credentials.
This can be solved by re-establishing the vfs in the Network Provider Order by following WM_DriverProviderOrder_Patch_1
(Relogin to Windows required).

Currently released setups:
Use Setup download server to get the latest updated setups.

Service Packs / Patches:
The Servicepack contains and installs all currently released single patches
that are not yet installed. (See "Details" link for more information of single patches)
By command line parameter the Servicpack can be forced to reinstall all contained patches.
A higher servicepack is cumulative and contains all patches of the preceeding Servicepack.

On windream Server installations the DMS Patch has to be installed additionally.
The DMS-Patch which may require a database login and optional patches are not contained in the Servicepack.
We recommend to install always the latest Servicepack and highest DMS-Patch on windream Server.

Check your patch level:
To check your current windream Client or Server against current released patches, display and download them in one step
you can execute the new WM_CheckDownload_Patch_1

Complete Patchlist ZIP







Service Pack:
WM_6_5_0_7_ServicePack_Patch_3 Details Readme.txt Setup.exe SilentSetup.exe - 2019-03-22 Client,Server
Server DMS Patch:
WM_6_5_0_7_DMS_Patch_15 Readme.txt Setup.exe SilentSetup.exe (Read readme first) - 2019-03-22 Server
WM_6_5_0_7_NLS_Patch_3 Readme.txt Setup.exe SilentSetup.exe - 2019-03-22 Server,Client