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Today, modern application programs are so complex that no user can fully master their functional scope. Studies show that users only use twenty percent of the entire range of functions and commands of an application.

This applies not only to specialist applications, but also to the standard Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. In addition to these standard applications, a large number of other, specialized programs such as workflow, ERP, ECM or CRM systems are also used. The entire range of functions is simply no longer controllable.

So what if you had a system that could overcome exactly this obstacle?

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windream Dynamic Workspace - an uncompromising problem solver

windream Dynamic Workspace follows a consistently solution-oriented approach and is completely tailored to the special tasks that you as a user in a company have to fulfill.

This includes classic document management with a powerful search module as well as the mapping of file structures with different contents or workflows that are linked to processes. Due to this capability, windream  Dynamic Workspace can be used in different companies and departments - for example in the industry, in the service sector, in accounting, in human resources or in production.

Individual user interfaces

One of the biggest advantages of windream Dynamic Workspace is that the functions and respective user interfaces are always task-oriented. This means that windream Dynamic Workspace only provides those functions that you really need to complete a task, depending on the context. Not more, but also not less.

windream Dynamic Workspace offers you an architecture that enables you to develop your own Dynamic Workspace solutions, which can then be integrated into windream Dynamic Workspace your own Dynamic Workspace solutions.

What characterizes windream Dynamic Workspace?

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Link documents and content with processes and specialized applications .
  • User interface tailored to individual requirements, flexibly configurable and precisely adapted to the operating concepts of the end devices.
  • Exact provision of all data and documents required for the current taks
  • Tailor-made mapping.
  • windream Dynamic Workspace accompanies the "Mobile Worker" in his daily work, whether in the office, at the customer's, on the way or at home .
  • Clear design of the work surfaces of the software
  • Inspiring User Experience


windream Dynamic Workspace solves the problem of overloading functions! This makes windream  Dynamic Workspace unique and a forward-looking, uncompromising solution-oriented tool for the seamless integration of classical document management, digital business processes and specialized applications - without superfluous "command ballast.

It couldn't be more dynamic

While with other systems it is necessary to develop a new application or solution for the respective end device, this hurdle disappears with windream Dynamic Workspace as if by magic. The operating concepts of iOS and Android are taken into account. It is not simply a web application that is executed on the tablet or mobile phone, as is often the case with other systems.

windream Dynamic Workspace works independently from a certain platform or a terminal, and the access to documents and information can be done via a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook or a classic desktop PC. In order to ensure this multi-platform capability, windream Dynamic Workspace supports all standard operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux derivatives and MacOS on the client side. For devices with Android and iOS there are dedicated apps in Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Due to its enormous flexibility, windream Dynamic Workspace does not provide a rigid "app" on the smartphone, because you decide yourself which information you want to display or edit in a specific situation on the device. The entire windream Dynamic Workspace system is flexible and individually manageable. It combines documents, processes and contents or application scenarios under one common user interface.

windream Dynamic Workspace overcomes system boundaries

As an innovative software platform, windream Dynamic Workspace exactly meets the demands that you as a user have towards an IT system. In concrete terms this means:
  • You become independent of rigid, permanently installed PC workstations and expand your working horizon with almost limitless mobility.
  • Make all your business knowledge available anywhere, anytime.
  • With windream Dynamic Workspace you can combine and unite various application cases and scenarios as well as views on processes, documents and contents under one interface in such a way that you can carry out your activities optimally.

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