windream Dynamic Workspace Key-Features

The new and pioneering software platform for Enterprise Content Management

As a component of the windream 7 Business Edition, windream Dynamic Workspace is the central and outstanding innovation in the further development of the windream ECM-system.

Key features at a glance

  • New software platform
    For the first time, windream Dynamic Workspace unites documents, processes, informations and solutions under one common user interface.
  • Platform independency
    windream Dynamic Workspace is not bound to specific operating systems and can be used on different end devices.
  • The windream Dynamic Worksspace App
    Use the windream Dynamic Workspace App to get even more out of the Dynamic Workspace

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windream Dynamic Workspace chosen as funkschau product of the year

The trade magazine for digitalisation in the enterprise environment "funkschau" let its readers vote on the products of the year in 21 categories in 2021. In the category "DMS, ECM & EIM", windream Dynamic Workspace was able to prevail against well-known competitors and is therefore one of the winners of the funkschau readers' choice "ITK-Products 2021". 

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windream Dynamic Workspace - The new software and ECM-platform

windream Dynamic Workspace is the new Web Frontend of windream GmbH for all ECM-tasks and even more. Our new software platform integrates documents, processes, informations and solutions in a central application.

windream Dynamic Workspace - windream GmbH

Customized solutions - that meet your requirements

The absolute strength of windream Dynamic Workspace: Create your own flexible solution that exactly meets your requirements!
The design possibilities are almost unlimited: e.g. file management, process management, searching for information and documents in a company - and all this without any complex programming!

Low Code - Simply create your customized solution

A solution consists of different views, which are configured accordingly by a specialist administrator with the help of the integrated designer.

To create a solution, preconfigured components (modules) are available that perform special tasks, such as

  • The display of the last edited documents
  • A full text search
  • The display of document metadata (indexes, access rights, version history, etc.)
  • Control elements for the design of forms for data entry and presentation

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Select components and define settings

With the designer the components are positioned on the workspace and this determines the design of the application. Each component has configurable attributes that influence its behavior and appearance. In addition, the components are connected together to exchange messages. For example, a list component sends the data for the selected document to a preview component that displays the selected document. This does not require a single line of program code.

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to solutions!

In the standard version of windream Dynamic Workspace, there are already more than 50 components with which a user-specific solution can be created. The created solutions can be used intuitively and will help you to manage your daily business tasks in an easy way.

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Own development of components

windream Dynamic Workspace offers customers and partners the possibility to develop own components. These components can solve a wide range of tasks, e.g. access to a human resource system for data presentation or editing. For the development a framework  is provided and training is offered.

Multiplatform capability

Besides the desktop version, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS are also supported. When configuring solutions with the designer of windream Dynamic Workspace, the handling of Smartphones and tablets will be discussed separately in order to provide an inspiring user experience. The solution is dynamically loaded by the respective app from the windream Server at runtime.

    windream Dynamic Workspace is also a Progressive Web App

    windream Dynamic Workspace supports the "Add-To-Homescreen" installability and can therefore be used as so-called "Progressive Web App (PWA)" on the respective device. A Progresse Web App offers a user experience which is similar to that of a native application developed for the respective platform and also allows access to local resources like a camera. As a Progressive Web App, windream Dynamic Workspace thus also provides functions like the offline functionality and the Responsive Design.

    All popular operating systems are supported.

    On the client side, windream Dynamic Workspace supports all common operating systems:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows
    • Linux-Derivate
    • MacOS

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    The windream Dynamic Workspace app

    Mobility and mobile apps

    windream Dynamic Workspace is extremely flexible to adapt and supports not only the desktop world, but also mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS. Work when and where you want. Use the windream Dynamic Workspace App to get even more out of the Dynamic Workspace.

    The respective versions of the windream Dynamic Workspace App can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

    Google Play Store      App Store

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