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Digital Personnel File with the windream ECM System

Valuable support for personnel departments, workflows and compliance

Pronobis GmbH, our Austrian windream distributor from Vienna, presents a digital personnel file for efficient staff management. The solution connects practice-oriented HR management functions and optimum process control.

The personnel departments of companies are faced with an ever-increasing number of tasks. The administrative effort rises with the number of data-stocks to be managed: personal documents, such as employment contracts, certificates and registration documents and regularly occurring billings, time records and travel expense receipts – to name only some examples – are big challenges for the efficient handling of data stocks in these departments. At the same time, there are high requirements towards the security of sensitive data. The implementation of a digital personnel file can optimize – that is, simplify and speed up – these administrative tasks and the related handling processes.

Features of the digital personnel file

The Pronobis solution allows a convenient scanning and filing of personnel documents in hardcopy format and a structured storage of all digital personnel records. Office documents, such as pay slips and time records, images, contracts and e-mails, can be created manually or captured directly from the personnel management software.
An automated reminder function for the resubmission of documents such as driver’s licenses, police clearance certificates, qualification certificates etc., guarantees an on-time update of these documents.

Personnel master data can be transferred from the staff management software for indexing. The options for accessing documents are based on a detailed, adjustable rights concept, which can be configured flexibly and on the basis of Windows user structures. This guarantees a quick retrieval and display of personnel files for correspondingly authorized users, and the simultaneous adherence to data protection standards and access rights. This guarantees the fulfillment of legal standards and compliance rules.

Process management

The digital personnel file also allows you to switch from your current workflows to more efficient, digital processes. The windream ECM system can be expanded to a completely integrated process management system for the management and monitoring of your company-wide processes in combination with the windream BPM system.

Further information

For further information on your digital personnel file, please contact Pronobis GmbH, online at www.pronobis.at.


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