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As a component of the windream Business Edition, windream Dynamic Workspace is the central and outstanding innovation in the further development of the windream document management system (DMS). The windream Dynamic Workspace is the new web frontend for all ECM-tasks and even more. Our new DMS software platform integrates documents, processes, information and solutions in one central application.

Discover the future of digital document management with the windream Dynamic Workspace

As a component of the windream document management software, the management of your documents and information is now even more efficient than before with windream Dynamic Workspace. windream Dynamic Workspace allows you and the employees in your company to display document management, workflows resp. electronically modeled business processes and even third party applications under a common and flexibly adaptable web interface. And all of this not only from your desktop, but also from any mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones. This is because the aspect of mobile working was a central objective when developing the DMS software. Today, the windream Dynamic Workspace already shows how the digital working world of tomorrow will look like.

Advantages of the innovative DMS software with windream Dynamic Workspace

windream - DMS Software für Mobiles Arbeiten
Mobile working without limits!
windream DMS Software - orts-und zeitunabhängiger Zugriff auf Informationen
Global access to documents
Hot Feature Icon - Devices
Usable on all common end devices
windream DMS Software Aufgabenbezogene Oberflächen
Task-related work interfaces
windream DMS - modular und flexibel
Flexible configuration for individual requirements
windream DMS - hohe Nutzeraktzeptanz
High user acceptance and intuitive handling
Die windream Dynamic Workspace App
With the app on the go

Mobile working without limits

The windream Dynamic Workspace - not static, but dynamic

As a completely new DMS-platform in windream, windream Dynamic Workspace will exactly meet those demands which users will make on a document management system (DMS) in the future. In concrete terms, this means Independence from rigid, permanently installed computer workplaces and - as a consequence - almost unlimited mobility. This, in turn, means that not only certain information and documents, but the entire corporate knowledge is available at any location and at any time, regardless of the end device you are using in a specific situation in your company. And, of course, all information and documents which you create, edit and manage on your end device are archived in an audit-proof way in the windream long-term archive system according to legal requirements.

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As a component of the windream Business Edition, windream Dynamic Workspace is the central and outstanding innovation in the further development of the windream document management system (DMS). Discover more advantages of the DMS software:

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Legally compliant archiving according to GoBD and EU-DSGVO

Audit-proof archiving in this context means that all documents or information are verifiably protected against unauthorized changes or manipulations and are archived securely accordingly. Last but not least, the digital windream archiving system is based on more than 30 years of experience in the development of electronic archives by our software development experts in the company. Among other things, audit-proof archiving is confirmed by an independent legal opinion.
Audit-proof archiving


Multiplatform capability

Besides the desktop version, the document management system (DMS) also supports mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. On the client side, windream Dynamic Workspace supports all common operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux derivatives, MacOS.

    Mobile working without limits

    The aspect of mobility was in the foreground while developing the DMS software. According to its motto "Mobile First", windream Dynamic Workspace works independently of a specific platform or the operating system of a terminal device. Documents and information can be accessed via a smartphone, a tablet, a notebook or via a classic desktop PC. In order to ensure this multi-platform capability, the document management system (DMS) with windream Dynamic Workspace supports all common operating systems on the client side, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux derivatives and MacOS.

    As more and more employees in a company consciously rely on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets - also for the administration of important documents - (often even in parallel operation), these devices have meanwhile become equal, if not superior, to the classic desktop PC. The reason: only smartphones, tablets and compact and, above all, lightweight notebooks guarantee true mobility. Platform independence and maximum freedom of movement at the same time - these are the advantages for the "mobile worker" when he or she uses the windream Dynamic Workspace of the document management software.

    windream Dynamic Workspace follows a consequently solution-oriented approach and is tailored to the special tasks which employees perform in a company, without exception. This includes classic document management with a powerful retrieval module as well as the digital display of file structures with different data, documents and workflows.

    Basically, the document management system (DMS) with the windream Dynamic Workspace is easy to understand and intuitive for every employee, because the user interface only provides those functions which are actually required in the respective application case or for the completion of a task. Therefore, the application can be tailored precisely to the respective use case. And the individually designable user interfaces of the DMS software are clearly arranged and not overloaded with a multitude of functions. Operation is "self-evident" and "ad hoc", which has a positive effect on the acceptance of the solution by all employees in your company.

    As an administrator, you can adapt the user interface of windream Dynamic Workspace to different use cases virtually in the form of a construction kit. The single software components and solutions which are available as applications can be executed via an individually configurable user interface. This also means, for example, that single "building blocks" of the construction kit can be imported and integrated directly into windream Dynamic Workspace as ready-made components and solutions.

    The windream Dynamic Workspace system and its individual solutions, which are related to the respective tasks of the users, are centrally managed by an administrator. This is especially true for the configuration of the windream Dynamic Workspace clients on the end devices. An administrator creates the solutions specifically for the users, workgroups and departments working in the company. Thus, by assigning permissions, he also determines which employees and groups in the company are allowed to work with the solutions he has developed. This ensures that the individual users will only use those Dynamic Workspace solutions which are explicitly intended for their workstation or for their field of activity.

    The entire windream Dynamic Workspace system is flexible and individually manageable, and it combines all required application scenarios under one common application interface. The different use cases and -scenarios can be created, adapted and distributed to the employees by an administrator in a simple and uncomplicated way.

    Mobiles Arbeiten auf dem Boot

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    Dynamic and flexible - individual views on all end devices

    Up to now, it has been common practice with classic document management systems (DMS) to develop an application from the very beginning in terms of programming for the respective end device on which it is to be used. This changes drastically with windream Dynamic Workspace. This is because a specialist administrator can create views on documents, files and processes himself with a graphical configuration interface and make them available to users on any terminal device. The operating concepts of iOS and Android in particular are taken into account, and a web application is not simply run on the tablet or cell phone.
    Due to the flexibility, it is therefore not a static "app" on the smartphone, because you as the user determine yourself which information and documents you want to display or edit in a particular work situation on the end device you are using.

    windream Dynamic Workspace - windream GmbH

    Customized solutions for all cases

    The absolute power of the windream DMS software with windream Dynamic Workspace: flexibly create your own solution which exactly meets your requirements!
    The design options are almost unlimited: e.g. a file management, the process management, the search for information and documents in the company - and all this without complex programming!

    A view or a specific view of the DMS functions on your screen can be quickly created and configured by an administrator. For this purpose, a Designer application is available which has been developed exactly for this purpose. However, the windream Dynamic Workspace also provides you with ready-to-use DMS modules which you can use immediately. These are for example:

    • The display of the last edited documents
    • A full text search
    • The display of the documents' metadata (indices, access rights, version history, etc.)

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    Individual compilation of file contents using the example of the digital personnel file

    With windream Dynamic Workspace, the composition of digital files with the information and documents which are to appear on the desktop can be configured individually. The following figure shows you the individual categories of a personnel file.

    It is obvious that digital personnel files contain particularly sensitive data which is worth protecting. Again, with the windream document management software and the windream Dynamic Workspace, you will always be on the safe side. This is because the integrated rights concept ensures that only authorized employees of your company have access to the digital personnel files, e.g. only the employees of the personnel department. Thus, the windream document management system (DMS) especially fulfills the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) which are relevant for data protection. Of course, you can also realize all other conceivable forms of electronic files on this technical basis, from replacement parts catalogs and supplier files to files for contract management.
    Digital personnel file    Digital files

    What is the windream Dynamic Workspace?

    In summary, windream Dynamic Workspace can be described as follows:

    • The system can link documents and information with processes (workflows) and other applications which are not based on windream products.
    • It prioritises the "mobile first" idea by being usable on a wide variety of end devices, including tablets and smartphones.
    • The new version of the windream DMS software offers flexibly configurable work interfaces on various end devices. The working interfaces are exactly adapted to the operating concepts of the devices.
    • In terms of "user experience", the system can be operated intuitively and provides you as a user with exactly those data and documents which you need in the context of a current task.
    • The great flexibility and extensibility allows you to tailor the mapping of use cases that are important for your company and that also meet complex requirements. For example, digital contract management or electronic processing of incoming invoices.

    windream Dynamic Workspace is also a Progressive Web App

    windream Dynamic Workspace supports the "Add-To-Homescreen" installability and can thus be used as a so-called "Progressive Web App (PWA)" on the respective device. A Progressive Web App offers a user experience similar to that of a native application developed for the respective platform and also allows access to local resources such as a camera. windream Dynamic Workspace thus also has functions as a Progressive Web App, such as the offline functionality and the Responsive Design.

    Die windream Dynamic Workspace App

    Mobility and mobile apps

    windream Dynamic Workspace is extremely flexible to adapt and supports not only the desktop world, but also mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets running Android or iOS. Work when and where you want. Use the windream Dynamic Workspace App to get even more out of the Dynamic Workspace.

    The respective versions of the windream Dynamic Workspace App can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

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