Ten Reasons for using windream

Chosing a suitable enterprise content management system usually is a real challenge for most companies. Firstly, the range of functions of modern ECM systems is so huge that on first sight, it cannot yet be clearly seen. Secondly, companies needs to define really precisely which requirements should be fulfilled by the new ECM system to fullfill the company’s needs.

A huge number of decision criteria needs to be considered during that process, may it be how long the training period for the new system or the displaying of special company-specific business structures and processes which shall be displayed as detailed as possible by the new system.

When looking more closely and in comparison, with other systems on the market it gets obvious that windream is not only by technological means the leading system but is also by many other means superior towards other systems.

Why is that so? Here, the ten most important reasons for using windream!


windream saves time and therefore costs. You find information faster, serve customers better and increase your efficiency. The availability of your data increases and your colleagues concentrate on the essentials.

The windream drive is patented. And it enables every employee to work directly with windream. The same applies to all applications that are used. No more tedious training for employees. No costly integrations. windream impresses users from the very first day. Not only for files, but also for mails and scanned documents.

With windream, work processes run faster, more smoothly and with consistently high quality. From vacation application to invoice release. Less working time for the same processes. And who is in charge  of the invoice... this question no longer arises.

Modern working means: in the office at the PC, on the construction site with the mobile phone and in the train with the tablet. With windream you decide when and where you want to work - not the application. And whether iOS or Android, that's your decision. windream supports you.

Zero data loss, no superimposed archives, verifiable at the highest level. Tax-relevant invoices scanned and archived. Accessible at any time. This has been our job for decades.

One loves structures, the next overlooks chaos, the third rather not. We help you where necessary and bring structure into chaos. Or we restructure everything in fractions of a second - because you can master it better that way. So that you can work faster and take care of your customers or services.

An ECM system is the next data grave. Maybe - but not with windream. Our goal is to be the ONE platform for ALL information in the company. So a solid basis for every application and every employee. For every Word, Excel and Powerpoint. For every scan and every e-mail. To us, searching once means finding everything.

The bookkeeper is interested in open accounts, the warehouse worker in deliveries and the chief in initial accounts. To represent everything in one structure? With windream every employee can carry out his own structuring. Without programming or training. Just like that. Is standard with windream!

One call - one question from your customer. A search for information, invoices, mails, project documents. The result in seconds, the information as well. A satisfied customer and an efficient employee. No call back, no going to the archive, no telephone calls with colleagues. Concentrated work and no stacks of unfinished tasks on the table. Quick answers and satisfied customers. This is what windream stands for.

windream has been chosen best ECM-system 4 times in a row by the renowned and independent institute BARC in open comparisons. You want to know more about us and the test results => contact us. We will be happy to inform you.

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