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Financial accounting, as one of the central departments of a company, generally uses specialized software that is precisely tailored to the requirements of this field. In this context, however, an ECM system such as windream provides a clear plus in comfort and speed. The integration of "financial accounting" into windream extends a financial accounting system by a central, audit-proof archive for document storage, for example. This means that any booking record can be found at the touch of a button - no matter how much time has passed since it was processed. The connection between financial accounting and windream shows what a modern, fully integrated system consisting of a financial accounting and an ECM application is actually able to do today.

Finance and Accounting - windream GmbH

A Strong Team: windream and FibuNet

With windream and FibuNet, you can accelerate the entry of bookings and the processing of your receipts. The documents on which a posting is based are transferred directly to windream for archiving. This reduces the time required for storing the now electronically available information to an absolute minimum. Save yourself the time-consuming manual pre-assignment of receipts by entering the booking data directly into the system.


The classic example of software integration

After the transfer of the booking records to windream, all information from a booking record is stored in windream as keywords or search criteria. To be able to view the document belonging to a posting, you no longer have to search through paper documents. Simply retrieve posting records via the indices, which make each individual posting record clearly identifiable and retrievable.

The automated transfer of metadata from fibunet to windream for later retrieval of a booking record is an almost prototypical example of how windream can be elegantly combined with other specialized applications.

Successfully in use: windream with FibuNet

Digital invoice management in Germany's largest catalog mail order company for software and PC accessories

  • Document management and financial accounting integrated in one system
  • Efficient capture and management of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Quick and easy research of archived documents

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The seamless integration into FibuNet was certainly one of the decisive criteria for windream.

Christian AllingerMember of the Executive Board, PEARL Agency, Buggingen

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